Neuroprostheses for locomotion

Performance site: Campus Biotech, Geneva

Subject-dependent stimulation protocol



Spinal cord injuries modify or remove supraspinal input to lumbosacral spinal circuits, leading to paralysis of the legs and a consequent alteration of the normal locomotion pattern. These circuits remain intact but they become highly non-functional. Although anatomical architecture of the locomotion network remains poorly understood, coordinated motor outputs can still be achieved thanks to an intrinsic capability of neuronal networks lead by epidural electrical stimulation (EES). The alpha-motoneuron activation in the human spinal cord is explored during locomotion by visualizing the spatiotemporal distribution and, consequently, an automatic algorithm is designed to identify the stimulation patterns able to reproduce these activations in SCI patients.

Project description

The goal of this project is to automatize the existing algorithm, creating a GUI that helps the user on stimulation detection.


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Semester project

Lab immersion